A Weekend in Eugene

Hi, guys! I’m tardy for the party, but finally I’ve pulled it together enough to post pictures from my weekend as a way to contribute to Tara‘s Weekend Update Link-Up.

IMG_5781I know–I’m a slacker.

As you may know, last Friday my family and I drove down to Eugene, Oregon (Tracktown, USA) to participate in the Eugene Marathon festivities. None of us was actually running the marathon (well, not completely), but we all played our own small role in the weekend.

My son ran the kids’ Duck Dash, a 1K race that finishes on the legendary Hayward Field track. Consistent with his past races, he went out too fast and lost crashed somewhere in the middle. I’m working on pacing with him. 🙂

Aimee's son and S. Her son finished 3rd!

Aimee’s son and S. Her son finished 3rd!

My husband and Aimee’s husband ran the 5K and even finished together!

Photo May 09, 8 52 56 AM

My husband tried to hold Aimee’s husband’s hand for a photo op as they ran under the gate, but Aimee’s husband wasn’t having any of it.

Photo May 10, 6 52 06 AM

Hayward Field!

I participated in the Eugene Marathon by going to the expo and embarrassing the hell out of my son.

eugene marathon expo hijinx - alsoranagain

I also participated by being a stalker spectator along the course, starting with the start line:

Photo May 10, 7 01 40 AM

After all the runners cleared out at the start, I met up with a Twitter friend, Carin. It was really cool meeting her in person, and I’m looking forward to running with her the next time I’m in Portland.

And then I hopped to Miles 9 and 15 with my coach Kris and her husband and daughter. It was so much fun cheering for everyone.

Look who I saw on the route!

aimee at eugene marathon - alsoranagain

Go, Aimee, go!

Aimee ran the half with a friend and did really well for not thinking she could finish the half.

I also saw a lot of my Oiselle flockmates on the course and cheered like a complete dork/spaz every time I saw one. I know; I’m cool like that.

The best part of the weekend, though, was when I jumped onto the marathon course at Mile 18 to help pace my friend (and flockmate) Marilyn through the last 8 miles of the full marathon. She wasn’t having the race she had hoped for, but she rallied and was able to finish the race running. She is so tough!

Photo May 10, 11 25 33 AM

happy at mile 26 - eugene marathon - alsoranagain

Credit: Travis Keys.

And as you can tell, I probably enjoyed myself a little too much with the pacing. I don’t think I’ve ever felt this good at Mile 26:

Yeah, okay, okay–so I didn’t run all 26 miles before this point. Minor detail!

The weekend wasn’t all about running, though. There was a lot of beer drinking tasting. My husband and I kicked off our stay in Eugene at Falling Sky Brewing, where I did a beer flight.

Photo May 08, 6 16 41 PM

falling sky flight - alsoranagain

Yes, those were all mine.  Hee hee.

We also tried the beer at Ninkasi:

ninkasi - alsoranagain

We enjoyed our date at Ninkasi so much, we went back later that day with Aimee and her family.

Photo May 09, 6 05 26 PMThe boys also got into the Eugene-beverage-action by drinking Kool-Aid (yes–Kool-Aid!) at a local restaurant.

kool-aid - alsoranagain


We also had some great meals this past weekend, including to-die-for hand-pulled noodles at Frank’s Noodle House when we stopped in Portland on the way to Eugene:

frank's noodle house - alsoranagain

Thanks for the tip, Becky! They were tasty.

…and a tasty chevre-burger at Little Big Burger (also in Portland) on our way home.

Photo May 10, 3 28 26 PMIn sum, we had a fantastic weekend in Oregon and I cannot wait to go back to Eugene. Maybe next spring I’ll run the half again? The beer is calling my name…

Thanks for reading my weekend update! Please check out the link-up’s host blog, Running ‘n’ Reading. And, if you’re a blogger, please consider linking up!

What was the most fun you had this past weekend? Have you ever paced someone in a race? Have you ever gone beer-tasting? Would you let your kids drink Kool-Aid?

37 thoughts on “A Weekend in Eugene

  1. Tricia Johnson says:

    It looks like you had an awesome weekend! I love the fact that you embarrassed the hell out of your son! Sounds like fun to me! 😉 that’s also awesome that you were able to help a friend finish the marathon! Nice work!

  2. Looks like a lot of fun. When I was in Eugene, my friend brought a bottle of wine and we celebrated after we each did the half. I forget the vineyard but it was some good wine.

    • That sounds like the perfect way to celebrate running the half. I’ve always “celebrated” by getting in my car and driving 5 hours home. Next time I want to spend the night after the race and enjoy myself in Eugene a little bit longer.

  3. Sue @ This Mama Runs For Cupcakes says:

    Looks like a great weekend! I would love to pace a friend in a marathon someday! And I’m working with my little guy to pace himself as well. We had the same problem this weekend as well 🙂

  4. Um, since I don’t have kids it’s more like whether I let my HUSBAND drink Kool-Aid because he loves it. He loves pretty much all sugary punch-type drinks, so…yeah. I’m so glad you had fun on your trip and, yes, you do look really amazing at mile 26 – ha! Since I’ve only finished two marathons myself, I have yet to jump in and pace someone but I hope to do it at some point. I can tell you that having two ladies run with me in the last miles of my first one was a HUGE help and I will forever be indebted to them for their kindness. Recover from your trip and don’t work too hard! Thanks so much for joining in on the link up!!

    • You are sweet, Tara, but I don’t think I did much. Marilyn had it in her the entire time. She’s an inspiration!

      Thanks for hosting the link-up and sorry I was late!

  5. Looks like you had a wonderful weekend – must have been so fun to spectate, pace, and run. I am hoping to fit in a Portland/Seattle trip next spring/summer… I miss the west coast! The noodles and burger look so good! A few years ago my friends and I went on a brewery tour in San Diego for a bachelorette – it was a nice change from winery tours (although I like my wine 🙂 )

  6. OMG! What an awesome weekend you had!!

    The most fun you had this past weekend was on Sat when I ran the race for the cure 5k, added 5 more miles for my training run and then won my football game. I am still recovering-lol!!

    I paced my girlfriend in her first race (race for the cure last year). She thought she would finish in 45 min and ended up just over 38 minutes.

    I went to a beer and oyster tasting-good combo since I really don’t like beer at all!

    Every kid should drink Kool-Aid at least one time in their life!!

    Have a good week!

    • You had an incredible weekend! Nice job on that long run and congrats on your 5K and football win.

      If I went to a beer and oyster tasting with you, I would let you eat all the oysters. I’m scared of them! 🙂

  7. Eugene looks awesome! I have only been there once for lunch at this massive beer hall/restaurant and it was really good. How about you run the Eugene Marathon next year and maybe I’ll do it too?!

      • Sign up for the Eugene Marathon newsletter so you get info about when the 2016 race will occur. They’ve substantially changed the date three times in the last three years. I recommend getting a room/airbnb reserved as soon as you know the race date; there aren’t a lot of great lodging options in Eugene.

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