Workout Wednesday

It’s Workout Wednesday, y’all!
workout wednesday - alsoranagain

Cue the music!

Last Wednesday, I set the goal to run 13-16 miles this past week. Did I do it? Check it out:

Wednesday, 5/6: Rest.

Thursday, 5/7:  3.61 mile run with Aimee.

We ran a relatively unique route for us, so it was interesting. The route ended up being hillier than usual, leading us to run an average 10:24/mi. pace. It makes me think I’m actually getting slower the more I run.

What’s up with that?

whats up with that

Friday, 5/8: Rest…

…unless you consider driving 5 hours to Eugene, Oregon, to be exercise. It was tough work!

Saturday, 5/9: Rest.

Eh… I was supposed to run at the Oiselle meet-up shakeout run, but I was a late arrival due to my son and husband running the Eugene Marathon Duck Dash and 5K (respectively), so I missed the run.

I was still able to enjoy the meet-up, though.

Sunday, 5/10: 7.9 mile run (Eugene Marathon pacing).

I met my friend and fellow flockmate Marilyn right after the Mile 18 water station and ran with her to the finish. I paced/cheerleaded/distracted/annoyed Marilyn to the best of my abilities, but it was warm day and the race didn’t go as we’d planned. It happens. Marilyn did great, though–she ran all the way to the finish line and passed many pooped runners from Miles 18 to 26.2.

pacing marilyn - eugene marathon - alsoranagain

We ended up running an average 10:54/mi. pace for those last 7.9 miles. I decided to enter Hayward Field and cross the finish line because (1) I had paid for my bib and (2) I wanted to. I also decided to sprint after I stepped on the track and ended up running a 5:20 pace to the finish line. It was exhilarating but somewhat unwise, as my right knee started feeling a little tweaky after the race.

Monday, 5/11:  Rest.

The area below my right knee felt even more sore on Monday morning, which is when I would normally have run 3-4 miles. I decided not to push it and took a rest day. I started to wonder if it wasn’t just unwise but plain idiotic to sprint the last 200 meters of the marathon.

Tuesday, 5/12: Rest. Again.

My knee still felt a little funny when I woke up in the morning but seemed to have resolved by Tuesday night, which is good because I have another Ruth session on Wednesday morning.

Total Mileage for the Week of 5/5/15-5/12/15: 11.51 miles.

I finished about 1.5 miles short of my weekly mileage goal, which isn’t terrible. I don’t regret resting on Monday and Tuesday because I think it would have been too much, too soon for whatever was going on in my right knee. Let’s hope the right knee tweak is gone for good, and that the rest of this week, month, and upcoming training cycle are tweak-free!

My goals for this coming week are to run 13-15 miles and be more consistent with performing my Myrtl routine. I noticed in some of the marathon photos that my knees are still knocking when I run, which is a tell-tale sign of weak hips. I need to work harder on strengthening my hips so I don’t get injured again.

What was your best workout this week? Did you race last weekend? Are Myrtls part of your exercise regimen?

13 thoughts on “Workout Wednesday

  1. Take care of that knee! I certainly know knee issues. I did 2 miles on Saturday, then walked hills on the treadmill yesterday for something different.

    • Sounds like you had a couple great workouts this weekend! My knee feels a lot better. I was able to do knee-challenging Turkish Get-Ups today without any issues.

  2. Do you think our hips are ever going to get strong enough, Molly? I mean, good grief. Think of all the work you’ve been doing and I’ve been doing all of these hip/glute-specific exercises for quite some time. When does it get better?!? HA! Well, let’s just keep going…it’s got to work, right? That’s what I keep telling myself, anyway. Kudos to you for taking the time to make sure your knee was okay; those little “bugs” can be frustrating.

    • To quote my tween: “I know, right?” I seriously don’t know what I can do other than the Myrtl routine every single day (even though my trainer tells me to do it only 3-4 times per week) and start shooting steroids into my haunches.

      • I’ve definitely noticed improvement, Molly, so I shouldn’t make it sound like it’s not working or that the effort is not worth it; I guess I just assumed that, at some point, this would be “fixed” and I wouldn’t have to keep doing all of this extra crap…hmm. Is this a sign of aging? HA! 😉

  3. There are no words to thank you enough for running with me in Eugene! I know it is not super fun to run with somebody who is going significantly slower than you are used to running (and you probably didn’t even break a sweat), but you were so awesome! Also – way to go on the 5:20 pace sprint! I just double checked and mine was 9:14, which felt like a 5:20 pace… Hope your knee feels better ASAP!

    • You don’t need to thank me! I had fun running with you–and, no, it didn’t seem slow. 🙂

      Let’s run together again soon, but not in a race. Come down and visit me and Kris. We’ll take you to Point Defiance.

  4. Hoping the tweak in your knee goes away… I just changed orthodics after 3 years ! So I am trying to break them in, and not over do it. I am also experimenting with the run/walk method from Jeff Galloway and my knees are loving it. I take frequent walk breaks and can go a very long time pain free.

  5. Sue @ This Mama Runs For Cupcakes says:

    I’d say that you did pretty well considering! I’ll have to check out this Mrytl’s routine!

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