Weekend Update (and then Some)

Greetings, friends!

Weekend Update - alsoranagain

I’m linking back up with Tara‘s Weekend Update after missing last week. Things around here were extra busy with the ballet.

Photo May 15, 8 38 51 PM

cinderella - alsoranagain

And finishing up “Mad Men.”

peggy peggy peggy - alsoranagain

And doing stuff like this:

Photo May 19, 3 12 48 PM Photo May 19, 3 12 59 PM

Yeah, I’m injured again. This time it’s the IT band on my right leg. I’m starting to feel like I’m doomed to injuries, honestly. I know it all stems from my glutes (specifically, my glute medius) not being as strong as they should be, but it’s frustrating because I’ve been consistently working on strengthening my hips since last December.

My IT started feeling tweaky after I took a barre class a week from last Friday. I had never been to this barre studio before, and was trying it out on a Class Pass free trial membership. Unlike in the barre class I took in Washington, DC (without any issue, I might add), I did a lot more pliés on tip-toes. My physical therapist explained that doing pliés with that much turn-out really loads the IT band, and that for my untrained legs it was just too much, too soon. He believes that it was barre–and not running–that caused my injury.

The good news is that my PT doesn’t think my injury is too serious because I caught it early and haven’t run on it since it started.  I tried doing yoga the day after that barre classes but that aggravated it, so I haven’t done yoga again. I underwent a very painful but helpful massage a few days after the injury, and then followed up with a personal training session with Ruth, who still managed to kick my ass even with my gimpy leg. Other than that and some Myrtls, though, I haven’t exercised since last Tuesday.

Photo May 21, 7 00 40 AM

Unless you count the foggy early-morning walk I took with Aimee last Thursday.

My symptoms are really mild now (it’s only sore if I really knead the area where my hamstring meets the back of my knee) and I’m confident my PT will give me to green light to try running when I return to him this week. I’m okay with resting and waiting in the meantime, though, because I don’t want to do anything to jeopardize training for the Chicago Marathon.

In other, non-running news, this past weekend was a big one in our family because my daughter went on pointe for the very first time!

Photo May 23, 3 07 28 PM

Photo May 23, 2 49 17 PM

It’s a huge deal because it represents the culmination of 7 years of dancing and the ending of being a little girl dancer. She is so excited.

So that’s what going on over here. I’m enjoying the R&R and thinking positive thoughts that this IT issue is a just a minor blip in my running.

Photo May 19, 5 11 19 PM

And I’m desperately trying not to freak out about the impending Prosecco shortage.

Photo May 22, 9 37 39 PMHow was your weekend? Have you ever battled a recurring running or sports injury? Have you ever heard of someone getting hurt by doing barre?

25 thoughts on “Weekend Update (and then Some)

  1. I suffer from a constant wonky ITB, but my stubborn self keeps running! Praying yours heals quickly!!! Congrats to your daughter!!!! My daughter just started ballet this year (she’s 8, late start I know), and LOVES it!

  2. How did I miss the prosecco shortage?!!!
    I have a recurring sore knee after all out efforts because of a tight hip. I’m doing lots of stretching and strengthening exercises.
    Your daughter is adorable!!!

  3. I’ve been battling my right ITB for 2 years, and my left one is starting to join the party 😦 I am doing Pure Barre every two weeks to try to strengthen my hips and glutes because they’re very weak, and I’m trying things outside of PT. I’ve been in PT for almost a year…

  4. I’ve had knee issues since I was a kid, been go PT multiple times only to be diagnosed with weak quads that cause my kneecaps to grow crooked. I could never really understand how my quads were weak because I always worked them, but whatever. Sometimes I still deal with it, but can usually work through it. Hope you heal fast and congrats to your daughter!

  5. My left IT band flares up from time to time. I usually shorten my stride and do a lot of foam rolling. I hope it holds out while I too begin training for Chicago. It will be my first marathon. Yikes! Good luck with your training. Congrats to your daughter!

  6. That damned barre! Ugh! I hate to hear this, Molly; stupid IT bands. I’m so glad you are working to correct the problem quickly; this is why I am always so hesitant to do anything new. It’s so scary, because I just never know how my body will respond or what I might mess up. Sheesh. I love this picture of your daughter; she looks amazing! Thanks so much for linking up with the blog; hope your Tuesday is going well and take care of yourself, chica!

  7. Sue @ This Mama Runs For Cupcakes says:

    Whoa whoa, prosecco shortage??!! So bummed to hear about your injury, but at least you are taking care of it quickly before it gets worse. I’m in definite need of glue strengthening, but it seems like unless I have someone standing over me telling me what to do for some reason I just can’t get it done. So cool about your daughter, that looks so tough! Now she’ll have feet that look like runner’s right? 😉

    • I know! Start stockpiling now!!

      Ha ha about the feet. Dancers’ feet are even worse that runners’. I was on pointe for only a couple of years and I developed bunions!

  8. Once you are healed up you need to try Jasyoga! Has some new videos that I think could really help with your glutes and hips. Congrats to your daughter! There is something so beautiful in pointe to me. I watched a video of a friend’s daughter dancing the other day and I was so mesmerized! Feel better soon!

    • I have been looking at Jasyoga but don’t know if I can find a quiet place to do yoga in my house. My son always manages to find me and ask me for something. I have to take yoga at a studio in order to escape him!

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