Remember what it was like to have a summer vacation?

Hello!  Remember me?

I’m sorry that I’ve been off the grid for the past few weeks. As spring was winding up, I had a feeling I wouldn’t post as often during the summer. It turns out I’m practically absent from here, though. There’s really no excuse, other than that I’ve decided to spend more time focused on my family and work and less on blogging.

My son’s Mother’s Day questionnaire responses have a little something to do with that decision:

Q:  What is your mom good at?
A:  Blogging.

Q: What do you wish your mom would do less of?
A:  Blogging.

Ouch. Out of the mouths of babes, right?

So I’ve spent the past few weeks doing all sorts of things other than blogging and running. Most of my life has gone undocumented–even with my camera. Here are some of the rare moments that managed to be captured on a camera:

Trying to look cool in a terrible uniform.

Trying to look cool in a terrible uniform.

us open 2015 - alsoranagain

Still trying to look cool, this time with my friend B. I know you want a pair of those shorts for yourself.

2015 us open phil mickelson and bubba watson - alsoranagain

Watching Phil and Bubba at the US Open. And that view.

TCB tiny dancer - alsoranagain

Watching my tiny dancer’s end-of-year ballet demonstration.

talking face - alsoranagain

Taking horrible photos. Apparently, this is what I look like when I’m talking to a candidate at a campaign party. [Note to self: Practice smiling while talking.]

fat kitteh - alsoranagain

Taking questionable photographs of my cat.

My goal this summer is to check in here once a week to update you on my latest mis-adventures and to start reading my friends’ blogs at least a couple times per week. I miss catching up on everyone’s lives, and I feel badly that I’ve fallen out of the loop.

Thanks for sticking with me, friends! I hope you’re having an already fabulous summer.

6 thoughts on “Remember what it was like to have a summer vacation?

  1. YAY!! Um, this picture of your cat had me rolling when I saw it a few days ago…that is the most well-cared for cat in the world and gives a whole new meaning to the term “fat cat.” I love it!! Reminds me of Garfield, actually. I can totally understand your absence; I don’t know how any of you moms manage to work, blog, run, cross train, cook, grocery shop…and on and on and on. I do miss you terribly, though and so, selfishly, I hope you stick to your plan of updating us once a week. Thank you very much. That is all.

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