What better reason to finally blog again?

My Instagram profile describes me thusly: “Sometimes I blog.”


I haven’t blogged in ages. Since 2015, to be exact. And here we are, ten days into the second month of 2016, and I’m finally getting around to blogging. I have a very good reason for finally getting around to doing so!

I leave this Friday for Los Angeles!  Woohoooo!

Photo Feb 09, 4 36 34 PM

If you’ve been following me on Insta or reading my LA-food-obsessed tweets, you may know that I’m flying down to LA to watch the Olympic Marathon Trials on Saturday and run the LA Marathon on Sunday.

While there, I plan to spend some QT with my friends at Oiselle and Nuun. I’m rooming with my friend Marilyn and we’re planning to spend a lot of time with our Oiselle teammate, Ali. Marilyn, Ali, and I have been furiously texting about the weekend’s plans, which Ali and I believe should include eating at Shake Shack and bashing Marilyn’s beloved In-n-Out.

Photo Feb 09, 4 30 37 PM

Which would you choose? (Correct answer: The ones on the left.)

Basically, I’m going to take over Los Angeles and trash-talk its burger scene while I’m at it.

It’s fair to say that I am waaaay more excited about eating my way across LA, cheering at the Trials, and socializing than I am about running Sunday’s marathon. This training cycle was short and low-mileage (as well as built on top of a pretty shaky foundation), and I have been sick for over a week, so my body’s just not prepared to run a 3:40. Plus, race day weather promises to be pretty warm.

LAM weather

Okay, scratch that. Sunday is going to be hot.

Any unrealistic pressure I placed on myself for this weekend immediately disappeared when I saw the forecast, so the heat is kind of a blessing. My plan for the LA Marathon is to slow down, take some pics, chat with my fellow runners, and enjoy the Stadium-to-sea course.

Photo Feb 09, 4 54 03 PM

To keep up on this weekend’s hijinks, be sure to follow me on Instagram and Twitter (you can also follow my super special hashtag for the weekend, #LATakeover2016).  I will recap the weekend and the LA Marathon here on my blog, but based on my recent track record with blogging, it probably won’t be for a while.

Are you going to watch the Olympic Marathon Trials? Have you ever run a race in hot weather? Shake Shack or In-n-Out?


9 thoughts on “What better reason to finally blog again?

  1. #LATakeover2016…BOOM!!!!!

    Have a great time!!! Enjoy every minute and the beautiful hot weather….it is going ot be in the teens and low 20s here in the DC area.

    Sending great racing vibes your way!!

    Safe travels!!

  2. Sue @ This Mama Runs For Cupcakes says:

    I’ve fallen off the blog train as well! I have never had Shake Shack, despite it being here in DC. I have had In N Out which I totally love and have to have whenever I go to the West Coast. I’ll make sure I try SS soon, so I can compare. I hope you had a great race!! So exciting to go to the Trials too!!

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