Getting a peek inside with Inside Tracker

I was recently connected through Team Nuun with Inside Tracker, a health analytics company that provides personalized health profiles for athletes, health nuts, and just plain old regular people. Inside Tracker analyzes and tracks important biological and physiological markers (e.g., vitamin D and testosterone, just to name a couple of the 30 markers analyzed) through blood testing. Inside Tracker then compares those numbers against the optimal zones for those markers to come up with a nutrition and lifestyle plan to help someone reach their goals.


As a data-nut and erstwhile sometime runner, I jumped at the chance to be involved with Inside Tracker and try its services out myself. I had my blood drawn recently (seriously–as painless a blood-drawing as I can recall) and am super excited to review the results with my contact at Inside Tracker. 

I’m particularly interested to find out if there’s something biological or physiological that can explain my lack of energy over the last month. I’ve only run a couple of times since SeaWheeze on August 13, and when I did run, it felt like I was running in sand. Lack of sleep can’t be the only explanation, because–with a few exceptions–I’ve been getting quality sleep (for me, 7 hours/night) lately. So I’m excited to learn what my blood can tell me about this problem and for Inside Tracker to help me figure out how to fix it.

After all, I’m signed up to run CIM (the California International Marathon) in early December, and this not-running thing is starting to pose a problem with my training.

Stay tuned for my results!

Disclosure: I am receiving free Inside Tracker testing in exchange for writing about this experience on my blog. Although this post is sponsored, all opinions are my own.


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