Packing for Ragnar Napa Valley

My first Ragnar Relay is only a few days from now and–is something wrong with me? I’m not stressed. I just started packing after researching packing tips like a boss.

team nuun ragnar napa

In my case, the good folks at Nuun Hydration–who are sponsoring our team and are one of Ragnar’s sponsors–are providing our team with necessary gear like safety vests and tail lights, and some other essentials like food and bevvies (want to guess how many Nuun flavors our van will have on board?).

What will I pack?

  • Head lamp: Along with the safety vests and tail lights, Ragnar also mandates that each runner wear a head lamp. Mine‘s a little old and the light doesn’t shine as bright anymore (are you listening, Santa?), but I’m still bringing it.
  • Knuckle Lights: These are brand new to me. I bought them because the light from my head lamp isn’t so hot, and also because I want the path ahead of me lit as well as possible. I’m a tripper, in other words.
  • 4 running outfits stored separately in gallon-sized Ziploc bags: 2 sets of shorts and tanks, and 2 sets of shorts and a t-shirt (it’s going to be hot, at least during the day). Even though I’m running only 3 legs, I’m bringing an extra outfit because I’m not entirely certain what the temps will be like for my morning run. I’m putting my outfits in bags to stay organized when they’re clean. After I wear them, they’ll get zipped right back in to their designated bags so they don’t stink up the van.

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Running towards Ragnar Napa

Ermagawd you guys! One month from today I will embark on my very first long-form relay, Ragnar Relay Napa Valley. I am immensely grateful Nuun Hydration chose lil’ ol’ me to be on their 12-member team (working title, “Team Nuun Ragnar Napa Valley”).

team nuun ragnar napa

The relay promises to be challenging while also exciting and fun, fun, fun. I’m excited to cheer for my teammates, make new friends, and have a legitimate reason to dork-out in the name of Nuun and friendly competition. The stunning starting- and ending-locations certainly won’t detract from the experience, either. Continue reading

My Top 5 Heart-Thumping Running Songs

Happy Friday, everyone! I’m so happy to be able to link up today with the legendary DC Trifecta Friday 5. Today’s topic? Five Favorite Songs to Pump Up a Workout. music for runningI’ve put my own little spin on it and decided to share my favorite running songs to help me kick it up a notch.

After checking out my songs below, please be sure to hop over to the fantastic sites of Courtney, Mar, and Cynthia to see what they’re jamming to. Continue reading

Lululemon SeaWheeze 2016

What–did I really agree to do this race again?

After all my bitching and moaning after the registration debacle for the 2014 Lululemon SeaWheeze half marathon, and my mixed feelings about the event (despite 2014’s improvements), I decided to sign up because a friend of mine, S, has never done it and I thought it would be fun to try it again after a year’s break.

I knew registration for the 2016 SeaWheeze would be a tense affair based on my past experience, but I was trying to be Zen about the whole thing and not stress too much, in keeping with my new outlook on life (ha!).

relaxing morning - alsoranagain

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5 Favorite Summer Happenings

What better way to return to the DC Trifecta’s Friday 5 than posting about my Five Favorite Things I Did this Summer  (a.k.a., those things that kept me from blogging on the regular all summer)? I’m super psyched to be back on the link-up with Courtney, Mar, and Cynthia.

So here they are, in no particular order:

5.  Volunteering at the US Open

Way back in February 2014, I applied to be a volunteer for the US Open at Chambers Bay. Am I golf fan? Hell no, but I figured this would be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The Pacific Northwest has never hosted the US Open before and the greater-Tacoma area had never hosted a national sports event. I jumped at the opportunity, applied, and was later selected from several thousand applicants to volunteer.

US Open 2015 - alsoranagain

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Things I’m Loving Lately: Dog Days Edition

It’s been a while since I’ve checked in with a Things I’m Loving Lately post, and I’ve encountered enough rad things in the interim that there are too many to list. Seriously. Well, I could list them, but you’d have to take a nap break midway through this post.

Here are my absolute faves lately:

The Oiselle Constellation Roll Sleeve

The Constellation Roll-Sleeve modeled by a couple of running nobodies.

The Constellation Roll-Sleeve modeled by a couple of running nobodies.

When I attended its flagship store grand opening last month, Oiselle was kind enough to gift me and other attendees of its after-party with a limited edition Constellation Roll Sleeve. It’s made of ultra-soft cotton and has a simple but pretty design which makes it highly versatile. I’ve worn it with super casual shorts at the pool as well as with khakis at work on casual Friday. Continue reading