Lululemon SeaWheeze Half Marathon:  1:58:31

Ragnar Northwest Passage

Point Ruston Independence Day 5K:  22:03 (PR)

Seattle Rock & Roll Half Marathon:  1:49:03

Capital City Half Marathon:  1:50:57

Los Angeles Marathon:  5:03:40


Santa Runs Tacoma Half Marathon: 2:00:40

Ragnar Napa Valley

Point Ruston Independence Day 5K: 23:08

Eugene Marathon: DNS 

Tacoma City Marathon Relay: 3:37:06 (3rd in division)

AT&T Back on My Feet 5-Miler: 39:55 (5th AG)


Seattle Half Marathon: 1:58:14

Tacoma City Turkey Trot 5K: 23:43 (3rd/4th AG)

Photo Nov 27, 10 48 30 AM

Mustache Dache 5K: 22:25

Portland Marathon: DNF


Lululemon SeaWheeze Half Marathon: 1:58:43

Newport (Oregon) Marathon: 3:44:33 – PR & BQ!

Tacoma City Half Marathon: 1:50:12

St. Paddy’s Day Run 10K: 48:32 (2nd AG)

004 edited


Yukon Do It Half Marathon: 1:47:34 (2nd AG)

The out-and-back course marketed as flat and fast was more difficult than I expected due to the cambered running surface and a fairly significant hill at the midpoint.

Tacoma City Turkey Trot 5K: 23:28 (5th AG)

My first race after the NYCM a few weeks prior. I paced myself better than the previous year and kept my first mile conservative. My legs felt surprisingly fresh enough to sprint at the end to avoid being overtaken by an old man. I wish I was joking but I’m not.

ING New York City Marathon: 4:12:53

Me at NYCM

I was going to write a recap for this race and failed. I trained for this race on a shortened schedule after not being able to run at all for two months before training. Damn injuries. Anyway, I had no time goal for this race, I only wanted to enjoy the course, which I did. I felt fantastic up until Mile 23, when I lost track of my breath after I was yelling at my husband, trying to catch his attention as I ran by. A world class race in a world class city. I can’t wait to do it again!

Lululemon Seawheeze Half Marathon: 2:03:18

My first race post-injury, run less than a month after my return to running. My coach told me to run it no faster than 2:10 to avoid re-injury. Interesting fact: this course is actually longer than 13.1. Way to go, Lululemon.

Tacoma City Marathon Relay: 3:25:41 (1st Div.)

tcm 2013 picmonkey edits 2

Second year running the relay, this time as the anchor, which was probably a bad idea. My knee started hurting about 100 yards into my leg and I had to complete the remaining eight miles at race pace. And it was hot. But I survived. The course was new and a net downhill course… which I came to learn doesn’t mean it was easy.

Eugene Half Marathon: 1:42:20 – PR

The best race I’ve ever run, where the stars all aligned and my feet felt light and fleet. Too bad I could barely walk afterwards due to injury. At least I went out on a high note!

Tacoma St. Paddy’s Day Dash 5K: 23:55 (2nd AG)

First time running this race’s new course, which now finishes after a gnarly incline. Yeeowch!


Seattle Half Marathon: 1:47:33

I went into this race with no expectations for a good race because I had heard how hilly it was. I started late and spent the first couple of miles weaving through slower runners and walkers. I ended up digging the course.

Tacoma City Turkey Trot 5K: 23:29 (2nd AG)

turkey trot 2012 picmonkey edits

 This was the inaugural running of this race. Nice little course from Proctor to the University of Puget Sound and back. I, of course, hated pretty much every moment because 5Ks hurt. Oh–and I went out too fast.

Portland Marathon: 4:17:11

Ran this with a running partner as a run-walk without much regard for time (for example, there was a bathroom break at Mile 2). I felt great up until Mile 25 and regretted I didn’t run the whole thing.

Lululemon Seawheeze Half Marathon: 1:53:14

This was the inaugural Seawheeze and it was kind of a mess. It was an unusually warm morning for Vancouver, British Columbia, and I was sweating at Mile 2. There wasn’t enough water to drink along the course. I felt like I was overheating the whole time and just wanted the race to end already. Alas, the course was longer than 13.1 miles.

Seattle Rock & Roll Half Marathon: 1:48:14

I had high hopes for this race and wanted to beat my previous PR set at Capital City (see below) but I was fatigued from a tough work week leading up to the race. The new course that year was also tougher than the old course, with an unexpected steep hill halfway through, and an uphill finish.

Sound to Narrows 12K: 59:52

S2N 2012

My second and last Sound to Narrows, in which I finally obtained the sub-one-hour time I’ve thought about since I was a kid. This race is hilly as all get-out and I just can’t have fun running it.

Capital City Half Marathon: 1:45:46

Entered this race expecting it to be tough but either the hills weren’t as bad as I thought, or the cool and drizzly weather and surprisingly supportive spectators pushed me to a then-PR. I’m a big fan of this race and want to run it again.

Tacoma City Marathon Relay: 3:21:43

I organized this mixed relay team to race the hilly (old) course. I took the third, very hilly leg through Five Mile Drive in Pt. Defiance Park.

Eugene Half Marathon: 1:46:46

In Eugene, one runs in the footsteps of legends. Like Pre. This was my first time running the half and it was a great experience. An almost entirely flat course, with just mild elevation modulation to keep the muscles fresh. I set a then PR and, better yet, had the honor of crossing the finish line on Hayward Field.


Portland Marathon: 4:31:38

My first 26.2. I ran-walked it with a running partner, running for a mile and walking for a minute, and repeating that until the end. Well, for the most part. I was able to survive the only tough hill on the course at Mile 16 to suffer a severe side stitch around Mile 21, and had to walk for about a quarter mile.

Tacoma Narrows Half Marathon: 1:49:11

This was the inaugural running of this race, which runs from Gig Harbor across the Narrows Bridge to Downtown Tacoma. I felt pretty strong the whole time and lucked out weather-wise with a cool and foggy August day.

Seattle Rock & Roll Half Marathon: 1:49:13

I ran this because I’d heard from some people that RnR races were “cool” and “fun.” I didn’t have that same experience, but I liked the course, which was a point-to-point from South Seattle to Century Link Field.

Sound to Narrows 12K: 1:02:52

My first Sound to Narrows, Tacoma’s legendary road race. Ever since I was a kid, I had this standard set in my brain that anyone in good running shape should be able to complete this race in under an hour. The problem is, the course is so hilly that running an 8:02/mile pace is no small feat. I failed to meet my goal.

BMO Vancouver Half Marathon: 1:49:02

first half

My first half, in which I totally caught the running bug. I didn’t know what to expect and didn’t think about pacing or anything–I just ran at a pace I found comfortable while at the same time not taking it easy. The weather was perfect–sunny and cool–and Vancouver is a gorgeous city with supportive spectators. I was thrilled with my time.

Tacoma St. Paddy’s Day Dash 5K: 24:34

My first race as an adult. It was pouring rain and I wore way too many clothes, but managed to pull off a decent time.

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