Remember me?

I can’t believe how long it’s been since I last posted. Well, that’s kind of a fib. I can believe it because life has been crrrraaaaazy busy. Being a business owner takes a lot of my time. kids-ca-adventureAnd, yeah, I’m a mom of two as well.  (Normally I’d put that title at the top of the list, but I feel like my main excuse for unavailability/disconnectedness this year has been work.) Continue reading

Remember what it was like to have a summer vacation?

Hello!  Remember me?

I’m sorry that I’ve been off the grid for the past few weeks. As spring was winding up, I had a feeling I wouldn’t post as often during the summer. It turns out I’m practically absent from here, though. There’s really no excuse, other than that I’ve decided to spend more time focused on my family and work and less on blogging.

My son’s Mother’s Day questionnaire responses have a little something to do with that decision:

Q:  What is your mom good at?
A:  Blogging.

Q: What do you wish your mom would do less of?
A:  Blogging.

Ouch. Out of the mouths of babes, right?

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Super Random

I’m experimenting with something new today after reading a great post on Fairytales and Fitness: Joining a new link-up on Running with Spoons that’s themed “thinking out loud.” Because I think every post I write is me, thinking out loud (perhaps a bit too much), I decided to put a little spin on the theme and list some really random stuff I’ve encountered lately.

super random - alsoranagain

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5 Ways to Share the Love (of Running)

Happy Friday, friends!

When you read this, most likely I will be on my way to Tracktown, USA–a.k.a., Eugene, Oregon, home of the legendary Oregon Track Club and Steve Prefontaine. I am so excited to get down there, see some Oiselle birds and Twitter pals, and run part of the Eugene Marathon!

I didn’t want to miss participating in this week’s Friday 5 Link-Up before scooting out of town, so here I am.5 ways to share the running love -

This week’s topic is 5 Ways to Share the Love of Running. Let’s go!

5.  Go on a run/walk with a friend who’s not a runner.

I recently went on a run/walk with a close friend of mine who’s interested in getting back into running after taking several years off. She wasn’t sure if she would be able to run even a mile but she surprised herself. We ran about a mile and a half at her pace and then walked the rest of the way. We both had a great time and it increased her confidence to continue running and build her mileage. I hope she’s inspired enough to run a race with me later this year! Continue reading

5 Things that Happened to Me this Week

It’s Friday, Friday, gotta’ get down on Friday!

Photo Jan 22, 5 12 42 PM

It feels so good to be back in action with the Friday 5 Link-Up hosted by Courtney from Eat, Pray, Run DC, Mar from Mar on the Run, and Cynthia from You Signed up for What?! This week’s theme is “5 Things about Me” but, because I already did plenty of navel-gazing with Wednesday’s post, I figured I would spare you from hearing more deep, dark secrets about me. For now.

I’ve decided to tweak this week’s theme just ever so slightly to highlight 5 interesting things that happened to me this week. Ready? Let’s go! Continue reading

Friday 5: 5 Blogs I’m Loving Right Now

Happy Friday!

Today’s a first for me because I’m posting twice in one day. Kind of crazy, I know, but I had my post about the Boston Marathon all ready to go when I remembered today is the Friday 5 link-up with Courtney at Eat, Pray, Run DC, Mar at Mar on the Run, and Cynthia at You Signed up for What?!  Today’s subject is too good to miss.IMG_0139I’ve been challenged to name 5 of my favorite blogs right now, which is way harder than I thought it would be because I read so many great ones for so many different reasons.

1.  The Bloggess.  I found Jenny Lawson’s blog, The Bloggess, through listening to the audiobook of Let’s Pretend this Never Happened while training for the New York City Marathon last year. Listening to her read her own memoir, I would alternate between laughing my ass off and wanting to cry, all while running through the streets of my city, looking like a crazy person. After finishing the audiobook, I started following her blog, which is a glimpse into the life of her eccentric genius. She is wickedly funny, has a penchant for taxidermy, and is totally honest about her struggles in life.

2.  It’s a Marathon AND a Sprint. This running blog is written by two women, Colby and Tina, two self-described “forty-somethings,” which instantly endeared them to me because they’re in my age range and they kick so much ass at races and triathlons. They’re hilarious, finding humor in the most mundane things: Um, the pumpkin spice phenomenon, anyone? They can be serious, too. It’s a perfect mix, basically.

3.  Lily Runs the World.  Lily is a running and travel blogger who is currently wrapping up a several-month stay in Europe. She writes really interesting posts about her experiences and her photos are gorgeous. I love Paris and she loves Paris, so any blog with a shit-ton of photos of Paris is an automatic 4-star in my book. Lily’s voice and eye, though, bumps her blog up to a 5.

4.  Eat, Pray, Run DC. This blog is newer to me but I have already started reading it religiously. Courtney runs for Oiselle and writes about her life, which is a happy maelstrom of running, being newly wed, blogging, and running her own business. I particularly like and appreciate her posts about how to be a better blogger, and have already implemented several of her tips.

5.  Born & Raced in Chicago. Andrea is also a Oiselle runner and, like me, lives in the Pacific Northwest. I enjoy reading her blog because she’s a regular runner like myself, is close to my age range, and–most importantly–has amazing weekly menus! I wish I was that organized. I have found some great recipes through her blog. As a mom with a full-time job out of the house and 2 picky kids, I need all the inspiration I can get.

I hope you’re inspired to check out these blogs. I wouldn’t steer you wrong!

What are some of your favorite blogs?